Write Code Every Day

CodeHalf is a simple tracker to help you establish and keep up a habit of writing code and learning every day

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Keep Track
Daily notes make it easy to reflect on what you`ve done complete with links so you can quickly visit your old projects

Habit chain
Calendar view shows completed days and missed days at a glance and helps you establish a habit

Make Notes
Leave notes for yourself so you know where to pick up tomorrow, Markdown support means fancier notes

Multiple Topics
Record your activity against different topics or discover popular topics

What is CodeHalf?

Currently CodeHalf is a simple tracker to help you establish and keep up a habit of writing code and learning every day.

Why every day? Doing something every day establishes a strong habit, think of brushing your teeth for instance. Also by doing a little bit every day you won't spend forever getting going as your last session wasn't that long ago.

So why half an hour? Everyone should be able to squeeze in half an hour a day, whether that's first thing in the morning, lunch time, after work or just before bed. 30 minutes is quite a long time if you don't procrastinate and just get on with things, also it's short enough that if you're just not in the mood, you'll get through it no problem ;)

So how does CodeHalf help me?

I've built this site as a tool to help myself and hopefully others with this habit, some of the things it helps with at the moment:

  • Visually tracks completed and missed days - This is like the Seinfeld productivity/habit forming method
  • Leave notes of what you've done that day - These can help with reflection at a later date
  • Make notes for tomorrow - These help you get going straight away the next day
  • Activity Feed - Chronological history of what you've done and links to what you've done
  • Topics - Listing things you'd like to get around to doing, record your entries against a topic and discover popular topics from other members

What's next?

You tell me! I've got some ideas and as I'm using this to track my own habit I'll come up with more ideas that can help, some things I've got planned at the moment:

  • Statistics - Who doesn't love stats?! Longest streak, % of days completed etc
  • Public profiles - Public view of your profile where you can share what you've done
  • Themes - Preset periods of time to spend on something particular
  • Theme retrospective - Summary of how your themed week/month went
  • Theme resources - Collection of resources useful for a given theme
  • Collaborative Themes or Topics - Working with others to learn/work together

Some great, some terrible, let me know what you'd find useful next below


I'd love to hear from you, what do you think? Do you like it? Don't like it? What features should I add to make it more useful for you? If you'd like me to get back to you, include contact details in the message